Sativa strains provide a more stimulating experience. With a sativa strain you will feel more energized, thoughtful, focused, and ultimately all around awesome.  Check out the following video to gain a more in-depth understanding of Sativa strains.


Prior to its rise to fame in the cannabis industry, cannabis sativa is an annual herbaceous flowering plant whose origin emanates from eastern Asia. The plant has been cultivated for ages mainly because of its unique properties. Its rise to international acclaim is credited to the versatility of the plant as well as its ability to be a source of industrial fiberseed oilfood, and medicine.

The versatility and uniqueness of the plant are top-notch. Which is why every part of the plant are harvested differently for different reasons and uses. In addition, the year 1753 is officially is engraved in history as the year Carl Linnaeus classified sativa and he termed anything cultivated as sativa.

History of Cannabis Sativa

Taking to mind the conflicting information available about the history of the cannabis sativa, one thing remains certain. That is its ties to the Cannabaceae family, which possesses both hemp and marijuana varieties. Unlike other plants known to survive anywhere, the cannabis sativa excels in warmer climatic conditions.

This is evident considering the plant originated in nations with warmer climatic conditions like Thailand, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Columbia. Amongst other things, this cannabis strain has a spicy nature to it. Making it responsible for its distinct nature and feel. Reasons why the sativa plant produces aromas, ranging from fruity, citrus, sweet, earthy, piney, and even peppery.

Uses of Cannabis Sativa

Amongst its many uses, the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant can be used to produce hemp seed oil. Unlike any other oil, the hemp seed oil is very versatile. When processed, it can serve as

  • Cooking oils
  • Fuel for lamps
  • Feed for caged-birds such as parrots thanks to its nutritional components and
  • For painting

Taking to mind the aforementioned uses of the hemp seed oil, the leaves, seeds, and stems of sativa are rich in psychoactive chemicals or cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are used for medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes.

Myths about Cannabis Sativa

Some of the most common myths associated with cannabis sativa include

  • Cannabis is also regarded as Sativa
  • Cannabis is called Sativa
  • Smoking sativa can eventually lead to madness

Facts about Cannabis Sativa

There is no doubt about the potency of the cannabis sativa. With that in mind and backed by years of extensive research, it is today a potent panacea for a wide array of ailment. This, of course, is evident considering the drug is potent enough to treat

  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma, insomniadepression, pain as well as the loss of appetite.
  • Stops the vomiting associated chemotherapy
  • Brings much-needed relief to patients suffering from chronic pain
  • The cannabis sativa also serves as a panacea for hallucinogenic, hypnotic, sedative, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory agents.

Effects of Cannabis Sativa

The cannabinoid component present in cannabis has the knack of triggering mental effects, which makes its users stay, focused and motivated. The feel-good factor associated with the consumption of the cannabis sativa is termed cerebral. Considering the users are said to be fully participative in conversations, which in turn enhances their creativity. With that said, the most common effects associated with the use of the cannabis sativa include

  • Uplifting
  • Taps into your Creative side
  • The users turn to be Energetic after using the drug
  • It makes its users alert and focus at all times.