Patient Home Delivery Instructions and Information

Dear Patient:
The State of Michigan has approved Home Delivery for our facility! Now, you can PHONE IN your order and we will bring your order TO YOU!

Safety and Security are of the utmost concern, so please follow the rules and instructions carefully.

Please keep in mind that ONLINE ORDERING is COMING SOON and that it will be the easiest way for you to place an order with us. Until we have ONLINE ORDERING is available, please phone in your orders.

  1. All Home Delivery orders must be made by phone.
  2. All patients or caregivers MUST have come into the store at least once for a face to face verification.
  3. All patients must be present in the home for a face to face delivery.
  4. All patients must have a valid ID and a valid Marijuana card and present them to the driver.
  5. All patients must be prepared for the driver to arrive to prevent waiting at the door.
  6. Patient must SIGN the delivery manifest.
  7. A copy of the receipt must be attached to the delivery manifest and be initialed by the patient.
  8. All payment must be made prior to the order or at the time of delivery. If payment is made at the time of delivery, the exact amount must be given to the driver.
  9. Driver will sign the delivery manifest and the record will be kept by 1st Quality Medz for its records.Please watch out for our drivers…. because we watch out for you.

    Call in your order today!

(313) 406-4688