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For a very scares and secretive strain, cannabis researchers have invested lots of time and money in research just so they know in detail, everything there is to be known about the Wonka Bar #13 Strain.


Amongst other things, the Wonka Bar #13 is a cannabis sativa hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica), whose root is credited to the crossing between the potent GMO, Mint Chocolate Chip as well as the Wonka Bar Strains. Also, the buds of the Wonka Bar #13 are spade-shaped, gifted with forest green nugs sandwiched with deep purple leaves, a lot of very thick orange hairs as well as a coating of tiny purple-tinted crystal trichomes


The Wonka Bar #13 can be cultivated indoors, outdoors as well as in greenhouses. Furthermore and considering there is very little regarding the variations in cultivation, this strain is surveyed to require between 55-65 days before flowering.


Taking to mind the fact that, the Wonka Bar #13 strain is known for its unique nature, it is surveyed to contain some levels of THC and CBD. However, with very little known about the composites of the strain, some researchers opine that it comes with a THC that ranges between 12-20% and low CBD that stands at less than 1%.

Taste and Flavors

The Wonka Bar #13 cannabis strain, cannabis researchers opine that both the taste and flavor this amazing strain is one of the sweetest strains you can lay hands on today. Unlike a wide array of strains on offer today, the Wonka Bar #13 is sweetness personified.

Health Benefits

Taking to mind the nature and uniqueness of this amazing strain comes to a multitude of health-related benefits. With that in mind, it should however be worthy to note that, the Wonka Bar #13 serves a panacea for

  • Appetite Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia and a whole of other ailments.


The very many cannabis strain on offer today comes with a multitude of variations and effects. As such, some of the effects associated with the consumption of the Wonka Bar #13 strain is evident considering users claim to feel

  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Cerebral
  • Creative
  • Energized
  • As well as Uplifting


Final Note

Just the taste of the buds of this amazing strain and you’d be marveled by your sudden trip to the chocolate factory. Also, the Wonka Bar #13 is a climber, and users especially (newbies) are edged, to begin with, small doses before upping the dosage. This is simply because; the strain attains full force minutes after consumption.

Pain Relief

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3 thoughts on “Wonka Bars #13

  1. Elizabeth

    I found sativa is wonderful for my PTSD. I have this problem with indica, it makes the paranoia worse. I enjoyed strong hybrid sativa because it heals the paranoia, not just masks the symptoms.

  2. Karen

    These bars are great! The chocolate taste is smooth and rich – one wouldn’t know they were eating cannabis, it’s THAT good. It’s been absolutely AMAZING for my chronic pain. I’ve tried all different kinds of gummies and smoking lots of strains but NONE had an effect on my pain.,.until now, that is! I was even able to take less of my oxycodone and still have less pain than ever before. I wasn’t a big believer in using medical marijuana for pain but I’m truly converted now. If only my doctor would give me a medical marijuana card! He doesn’t believe in it and says he will drop me as a patient if I use it. It’s just not fair. I live in DE and hope that it will become legal here soon. I’m so glad that a friend let me try it; I have some hope now for good pain relief in the future.

  3. Jasper

    WB#13 is BEST weed I’ve had in 30 years!
    Tastes and smells fantastic!
    And leaves you feeling great!
    WHERE can I find MORE???

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