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Like humans, who come with different shapes, sizes, features, and attributes, so too does cannabis. With that in mind, one strain changing the game in the cannabis industry is the Ice Cream Cake #5. It should however be worthy to note that, this strain has a sibling called the Ice Cream Cake.


The inception of the Ice Cream Cake is credited to the crossing between the gelato 33 original wedding cake clones. All of which is responsible for its extra frosting. Amongst other things, this sativa dominant hybrid strain comes with very beautiful purple and lime green hues. Sandwiched with partially hidden buds that come with a thick and hazy layer of crystal trichomes.

As such, expect an enticing and amazing bag appeal spiced with flavor and of course potency to back it up. One that will leave you very well medicated and out your health-related issues at bay.


Like the Ice Cream Cake, the Ice Cream Cake#5 cannabis strain has sent a wide array of cannabis researchers back to the drawing board considering very little is known about it. Amidst the aforementioned shortcoming, this strain like most other strains can be cultivated indoors, outdoors as well as in greenhouses.

When the Ice Cream Cake#5 cannabis strain cultivated outdoors, it is bound to require at least 50 to 65 days to flower sandwiched by a harvest season prepped for October. On the other hand, if cultivated indoors or in greenhouses sandwiched with the Sea of Green technique, it is bound to have a bountiful harvest come harvest season.



Taking to mind its unique taste and flavors, the Ice Cream Cake #5 cannabis strain comes with a mouthwateringly high THC level with averages between 24% and a relatively low CBD of less than 1%.

Taste and Flavors

Like the Ice Cream Cake #5, the Ice Cream Cake has a very similar but differentiated taste and flavors like its sibling. The Ice Cream Cake #5 cannabis strain comes with an amazingly delicious cheesy creamy flavor. One that is fine-tuned with a sweet nuttiness that remains long after you’ve smoked the last toke. The aroma is somewhat similar as it comes with a light spicy effect to it, one that is released only when the nugs are burned.

Health Benefits

The ice cream cake #5 strain is surveyed to be an ideal panacea for patients suffering from

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Appetite


Amidst the benefits associated with the ice cream cake strain #5, Users of the hybrid stain attest to its incredible and pleasurable euphoria when consumed. Also, the strain can make its users

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Sleepy

Pain Relief

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