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The name diamond dust emanates from a ground-level cloud composed, which is surveyed to come in tiny ice crystals.  It should be worthy to note that, this weather-related phenomenon is also termed ice crystals Diamond dust and forms under clear or partially clear skies. Although this diamond dust has links to the atmosphere, our point of attraction is the Diamond Dust Cannabis Strain.


The Diamond Dust cannabis strain is a very rare and unique indica dominant hybrid strain. All of which is reflected in the percentage of indica and sativa (70% indica and 30% sativa). Amongst other things, this strain is a product of the crossing of both the classic Sour Bubble X Matrix 2 strains. Unlike most strains, the Diamond Dust comes with oversized super fluffy minty green nugs. Nugs, which comes with spattered bright orange hairs, and coated in tiny silvery-white crystal trichomes.


The Diamond Dust cannabis strain has the knack of being cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Amongst other things, the isn’t too complicated considering it can be cultivated by anyone as long as you are patient and willing to take care of the plant from time to time against pests.


When it comes to composites, the Diamond Dust Cannabis strain ranks amongst the elites. All of which is testament to its THC level that enrages between 25% with the possibility of attaining a mouthwatering 27% THC as evident in some dispensaries. Unlike the THC, the CBD content of this strain is less than 1%.


Taste and Flavors

When broken apart, its sticky little nugget comes with aromas of sweet creamy citrus and fruity herbs are released. Also, the strain has the knack of turning pungent and earthy the moment the nugs are lit up in flames. Sandwiched with a light spicy overtone. Unlike the taste, the flavor of the Diamond Dust comes with a sharp citrus overtone surveyed turn savory and creamy upon exhale.

Health Benefits

Taking to mind the many attributes associated with the Diamond Dust strain, its ability to give a high is the most recognizable. Also, the strain is potent enough to serve as a panacea for a wide array of ailments. Some of which include

  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Mood Swings
  • Stress


Taking to the mind the variation of the strains we know today, these variations aren’t only limited to the strains shape, color, texture, or aroma but also its psychoactive properties and effects. As such, some effects associated with the Diamond is evident in its ability

  • To reduce neural activity
  • Bring calm to the mind,
  • As well as allow sleep to come naturally

For persons using the strain for its recreational uses, the strain can make its users to

  • Have a better focus
  • A relaxed mindset
  • Sandwiched with enough physical energy to get the job done.

Pain Relief

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