Granny Mac No ratings yet.

granny mac

GRANNY MAC Ideal for the very many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts of the hybrid niche, the Granny Mac strain is a must-have for cannabis lovers in dire need of a super heavy flavor and high. The Granny Mac comes with mouthwateringly hard-hitting effects, one that is potent and strong enough…

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Understanding CBD No ratings yet.

CBD Since its existence, the cannabis plant has always come in handy for a wide array of uses. As such, some researchers opined that the high feeling associated with that plant was termed a spiritual by the people of old and medium or gateway to communicate with their ancestors. Fast-forward…

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Wonka Bars #13 No ratings yet.

wonka bar

For a very scares and secretive strain, cannabis researchers have invested lots of time and money in research just so they know in detail, everything there is to be known about the Wonka Bar #13 Strain. Description Amongst other things, the Wonka Bar #13 is a cannabis sativa hybrid strain…

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ICE CREAM CAKE #5 No ratings yet.

Like humans, who come with different shapes, sizes, features, and attributes, so too does cannabis. With that in mind, one strain changing the game in the cannabis industry is the Ice Cream Cake #5. It should however be worthy to note that, this strain has a sibling called the Ice…

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Diamond Dust No ratings yet.

DIAMOND DUST STRAIN The name diamond dust emanates from a ground-level cloud composed, which is surveyed to come in tiny ice crystals. ┬áIt should be worthy to note that, this weather-related phenomenon is also termed ice crystals Diamond dust and forms under clear or partially clear skies. Although this diamond…

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