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Some of the names given to the cannabis strains sometimes seem so unreal. Making you wonder whether the names belong to anything. Shockingly enough they belong to some species of nature’s most amazing plants (cannabis). With said our point of attraction for this research is the Punch Breath Cannabis Strain

Punch Breath Cannabis Strain

The Punch Breath, though Symbiotic Genetics in nature is a cannabis strain that emanates from crossing the Mendo Breath and Purple Punch F2 cannabis strains. Thanks to the combination of these two Indica strains that make up the punch breath, the result is a mesmerizing dessert strain. One that is perfect for late evening relaxation. Although 100% Sativa, this strain is easily cultivated both indoors and outdoors.

The leaves of this strain are thick, sandwiched by a hint of purple which is an inherited feature traced in the Purple Punch section of the strain. Amongst other things, its trichomes aren’t just colorful but sweet-smelling as well and come with full bud spiced with a tinge orange coloration.


Considering most cannabis strains are rich in both the THC and CBD, the Purple Punch cannabis strain is unique. This is evident in the fact that, it possesses 0% CBD and a mouthwatering 24.56% THC.

Taste and Flavor

Unlike most cannabis strains, the buds of the Punch Breath are dense and frosty, sandwiched with a sweet vanilla flavor, and of course a hint of grapefruit to match. The flavor of this strain isn’t just earthy, sweet-tasting but also mildly pungent. While these may seem normal to some users, the after taste of this strain has the knack of being strong for some users. All of which is evident in its smell, which is often confused for tropical fruits like the wild berries.


If you seek a wonderfully relaxing experience, then the Punch Breath is the ideal strain for you. Researchers claim this strain puts the whole body in full relaxation mood especially when consumed in the evening. As such, the high feeling begins from the head before hitting the rest of the body. With that said, a wide array of researchers say the Punch Breath strain is ideal for conversations after dinner.


One thing almost all cannabis strains have in common is their ability to serve as a panacea for a wide array of ailments. As such, the Punch Breath cannabis strain isn’t left behind. This is evident considering it serves a panacea for

  • Nausea,
  • Emotional stress
  • Body aches
  • Pains
  • Insomnia
  • Stimulate appetite for people recovering from illness

Side Effects

Amongst other things, the after taste from the Punch Breath is somewhat annoying surprisingly for experienced smokers. Taking to mind the fact that its high feeling is very strong and lasting, users should let the high feeling go away be venturing into any serious work or operating heavy machinery.

Pain Relief

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  1. Kelly Mahler

    After moh’s surgery for skin cancer & a 3” incision I require No pain meds. Just Punch Breath. Excellent for pain relief.

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