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Since its rise to prominence, the Ethos Cookies cannabis strain has its roots traced to a wide array cannabis strains. Being a hybrid itself, this cannabis strain has its roots tied to and Bred by Ethos Genetics. Amongst other things, the Ethos Cookies is a cross between the Mandarin Cookies #17 and the Colin OG #1.

The uniqueness of this strain is evident from its ability to offer an energetic, creative, euphoric but relaxing high. All of which is sandwiched is amazing healing effects. In addition, its Cinnamon, trips and orange notes make this one a no-brainer for your weekend smoke session


Unlike most cannabis strains, the Ethos Cookies is easily grown and for a bountiful yield come harvest season, both indoor and outdoor cultivation is fine. Amongst other things, the Ethos Cookies require a little care and should be hydrated regularly considering the strain requires 63 days or less before flowering. With that in mind, it should be worthy to note that, the Ethis Cookies Cannabis Strain comes with large chunky flowers stack on her very strong lateral and apex growth. Making the plant easily cultivated and grows well in any system or environment.

Aroma and Taste

When consumed, the Ethos Cookies come with a sweet, acidic, and doughy flavor upfront, much like sourdough bread and marmalade, sandwiched by a grainy, piney coat over the tongue, making it taste more like breakfast. With that in mind, the sweet flavor intensity of this strain unique is evident thanks to its fruity notes characterized by a skunky, cereal-like aroma, with sour scents of Diesel, citrus, and Kush, for a classic backdrop.



The Ethos Cookies cannabis strain is one of the kind strain, all of which is evident from its THC and CBD levels. With that in mind, the THC level of the Cookies cannabis strain ranges between 25-30% sandwiched with a with 1% CBD as well as a Terpene Profile of caryophyllene, humulene, limonene

Effects/Medicinal Uses

The Ethos Cookies cannabis strain as it is the case most other strains are sedating in nature. Making them, an ideal use or best served after a long and hectic day at work or before bedtime. Amongst other things, the Ethos Cookies cannabis strain comes in handy after a long workout routine at the gym. With that in mind, this strain also serves as a cure all for a wide array of ailments. Some of which includes

  • Anxiety
  • Eating and sleeping disorders
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD

Pain Relief

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