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Zuzu 19

Like OG Kush, there is little to no evidence where the name ZuZu as a cannabis strain comes from. Some researchers claim its names refers to the fact that it emanates from South African and possesses a rich concentration of THC. With that said, the ZuZu 19 strain is a popular hybrid strain that is visible on the shelves of a wide array of cannabis dispensaries all over the US. Like its name, the ZuZu 19 gives its users a unique feel, which can’t be explained unless you roll one.

However, one thing remains certain and that’s the fact that the ZuZu 19, when consumed, puts the whole body in full relaxation mode. A high feeling that may last for about an hour or two depending on the user.

The Appearance of the ZuZu 19

The ZuZu 19 cannabis strain comes in small, tight, and dense buds, which plays a key role in the way, and how the strain was grown or cultivated. If grown right, ready for harvest and harvested properly, the ZuZu 19 comes with a combination of thick green, gray and gold colors. Giving it its distinct presence.

The Aroma of the ZuZu 19

While some strains of cannabis come with fruity flavors and aromas, the ZuZu 19 is unique thanks to its blend of garlic flavors. Such a unique garlic flavor is evident in the ZuZu 19 because of a combination of terpenes present in the strain. While people vary in their likes, dislikes, tastes, and fashion, others are just fine with whatever gives them satisfaction even if it means consuming a cannabis strain that has garlic all over it.

Taste of ZuZu 19

Irrespective of the garlic flavor associated with the ZuZu 19, there is still one shocking delivery to this strain. Which is the fact that it possesses no iota of garlic in the way the strain tastes. Although its taste isn’t exceptional or special, it is however floral with maybe a little bit of pine.

The Effects ZuZu 19

Amongst the many cannabis strain on offer today, none hits both the body and mind like the ZuZu 19. The feelings associated after consuming the Garlic-like strain is one of calm, relaxed, and happy. Although the ZuZu 19 is used as a panacea for pain, PTSD, anxiety, and anxiety-related disorders, the effects of this strain hit hardest almost 5 or 6 minutes after smoking. Some researchers say it is ideal for use after a great buzz or heavy workouts at the gym, considering it possesses the ability to put your whole body in a full relaxation mood.

Final Note

When it comes to a cannabis strain that not only gives both a body and head high but also uplifts your mind in the process, look no further than the ZuZu 19. With that said, should you need the best of both worlds, then this strain (ZuZu 19) is just what you need.

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