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Buying Cannabis at the Dispensary Vs Buying on the Street
The cannabis industry in the US is hitting record heights as the days go by. As such, it’s no surprise when you see lots of people venturing into the industry to get a taste. While it’s fair to say not everyone has the finances to become a Cannapreneur, some others find solace in the black market. Whatever the case may be, caution should always be the watchword. Here are some of the disparities that exist between buying weed at a dispensary and on the street.

Health Concerns
Some street dealers have been known to spray or lace their cannabis with dangerous chemicals to increase its potency. The problem with this is there is no telling the effects those chemicals can and will have on your brain. The best thing about getting your smoke from a dispensary is that all of the products have been tested and approved by the local state government. That is a peace of the mind that you can’t purchase in the street.

Although buying weed is common these days, quality is often an issue. This is because, most dealers aren’t professional growers. They don’t know the best ways to preserve the weed to maintain its natural features which are evident in the smell, color, bud structure, and lots more. Because street dealers lack this type of information, it’s no surprise to see many consumers flooding into cannabis dispensaries for the best quality cannabis. Most smokers pride themselves on smoking the best.

Forget the common phenomenon that price equates the quality of a given product. While this is somewhat true, it doesn’t apply in all cases. Worst of all in the cannabis trade flooded by none professionals striving to make a few quick dollars. With that said, while the prices of cannabis sold at cannabis dispensaries is a little higher than on the street, understanding the reason behind this is easy. One pays the taxes, rents and has employees (dispensaries) while the other has no such commitments.

Talking about the availability of weed, and reaching out to people whose stock of weed hardly runs shot then think of the cannabis dispensaries. While some roadside cannabis vendors lack steady weed supply, dispensaries will rarely run out of weed. Their ability to work in collaboration with cannabis farmers for regular supplies means they rarely fall short on weed to be supplied. This is contrary to their roadside counterparts who lack the capital or means to meet in case demand exceeds supplies.

Most street dealers only have one to two strains at best at any given time. Dispensary however carry numerous products that will help you get the desired effect. This is good news for people suffering from the Respiratory Effects of Marijuana but would still would like to medicate. Unlike street dealers, dispensaries have a full arsenal of smoke free alternative products that they can offer for THC consumption.

Buying weed on the street is fun and easy. However, the worry comes to the fold when requesting for a refund. Especially in cases where the weed ordered doesn’t conform with the weed supplied. Situations like these make you appreciate the purpose of cannabis dispensaries as they place their customers at the center of their business dealings. The provision of after sales service, which is very much absent in buying weed from the streets make buying in dispensaries fun and trusted. Place an online order now.

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